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Oven Cleaning in Exmouth Devon

Is your oven too dirty to even use?

Does the very thought of cleaning your oven overwhelm you?

Fret not! Devon Oven Cleaning & Repairs can clean your oven professionally, quickly and efficiently. What’s more, you won’t have to pinch your pockets either!

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Professional Oven Cleaning in Devon

When you hire Devon Oven Cleaning & Repairs, your oven is in safe hands. We understand that the oven is a critical part of your kitchen, and we treat it with utmost care and clean it like it’s our own.

Our fully trained oven cleaners will make use of high quality cleaning solutions and skilfully clean your oven to leave it with a stunning, high specification finish.

No matter the make, type or size of your oven, we have you covered. Our professional oven cleaners in Devon will give your oven the necessary attention to give it a fresh lease of life.

Our Oven Cleaning Process

Our oven cleaning technician will come equipped with high quality equipment and safe cleaning solutions. He will then put on overshoes and over the area around the oven with sheets. We will then dismantle the oven seal, door, racks and back panels. We will then dip each component in soapy water and leave them to soak for the grease to dissolve.

We will then scrub the insides of your oven to remove any toxic carbon reside or oil stains. We make use of high quality wired brushes and sponges along with chemical free degreaser.

Once the components are soaked, we will polish them, dry them and put them back on the appliance.

Finally, we will give your oven a thorough shine using a safe polishing solution. We will then inspect your oven to ensure it is performing to perfection.

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